N&M Expedited - Drivers

Division: Operations
Department: Operations
Reports To: Dispatch Manager

General Summary
Deliver and pick up freight in a safe and timely manner to maintain customer satisfaction and company growth.

Job Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Deliver freight to customers. Provide customers with proper paperwork in a professional manner. Verify freight condition, amount, weight and type of product. Sign and get signature. Unload if necessary. Inside delivery if necessary. Collect C.O.D. and driver collect payments if necessary.
  2. Pick up freight from customer. Collect proper paperwork, verify count, condition and weight. Assign pro number by affixing bar code label to paperwork and freight. Sign bill of lading. Load if necessary.
  3. Check bill of lading for proper information.
  4. Placard trailer as needed.
  5. Secure freight before moving.
  6. Contact dispatcher to inform him/her of progress. Call in any problems which may occur.
  7. Turn in correct delivery receipts, revenue collected, bills of lading, log sheets, pay sheets, trip reports, vehicle inspection reports and manifests.
  8. Fax bills of lading to Neenah terminal if applicable.
  9. Contact Safety Manager regarding vehicle accidents or hazardous material spills.
  10. Conduct pre- and post-trip inspection of tractor and trailer daily.
  11. Notify shop of any problems with equipment.
  12. Fuel vehicle upon return to terminal and record usage.
  13. Keep truck clean inside and run vehicle through truck wash when assigned.
  14. Perform minor repairs on road if necessary.
  15. Comply with all directives set forth in the N&M Operations Manual and supplemental directives issued periodically.
  16. Comply with all federal and state regulations.

Working Conditions

  • Environment - On the road in semi tractor/trailer, customer dock locations, variable road and weather conditions.
  • Hours of work - 8 to 15 hours per day or night

Physical Demands

  1. Sitting
  2. Walking
  3. Standing
  4. Lifting/Carrying (over 50 lbs, Very Heavy)
  5. Pushing/Pulling (over 50 lbs, Very Heavy)
  6. Climbing
  7. Reaching/Stretching
  8. Handling/Fingering
  9. Stooping/Kneeling/Crouching
  10. Bending/Twisting
  11. Speaking
  12. Hearing
  13. Foot manipulation
  14. Grasping
  15. Balancing
  16. Depth perception
  17. Smelling
  18. Color Vision

Employment/Selection Criteria

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  2. Class A CDL with "H" endorsement.
  3. 1 year tractor/trailer experience.
  4. 21 years of age.
  5. Good motor vehicle record (no OWI in past 5 years).
  6. Pass N&M road test.
  7. Pass D.O.T. physical and drug screening.
  8. Ability to handle LTL freight.
  9. Good customer service skills.
For Customer Service Please Call: 877-720-3360